The Tech Connect – Think Tank for Emerging Online Businesses

Keeping in the tradition that gave birth to this website, the minds behind The Free Logo Makers have decided to create a think tank for online businesses. The premise for this mastermind is pretty simple – whenever we have down time, we’re available to help you brainstorm anything you’re trying to do.This group is led by seasoned professional developers, business analysts, and social media professionals.

Not sure how to integrate WordPress and your payment system? Trying to figure out the best way to create an opt in form ? Wondering how to build a grid layout for your site? Wondering how much something should cost?

It really doesn’t matter – feel free to ask our team anything you want. If we can answer it – we will – if not we’ll research answers and we’ll learn together. Last time we did something like this – we gave birth to this website! We’re excited to see where this will go next! Our think tank is in the form of a Facebook group. If you’re interested, have ever wanted to just be able to ask a developer something, or are just curious – come on over!